Taking the Mystery Out of Remodeling – by Reva Kussmaul

Too Late to Call Me on This One!

I met with some homeowners last month on their “remodel gone wrong” and they were already far enough into it (500K) that all I could do to help was go through their paperwork and the original contract as well as any change orders to see if monies matched work done and timeframe. What it came down to for them was calling the California State Licensing Board and filing a complaint. I told them to see if they could come to a mutual agreement with the contractor first to finish the job. I got an e-mail from them 2 days ago, “he kept pushing against us so we did file a complaint with the Board.” This is never what anyone wants to happen yet it does. The unsettling thing here is – they’ve already spent 500K and the project isn’t complete! Now it’s up to the Board and who knows how much time will be involved.

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