Taking the Mystery Out of Remodeling – by Reva Kussmaul


Community Endeavors,
– Maria Shriver, (former) First Lady of California

“You should be so proud of your dedicated efforts to improve the remodeling industry and for providing educational tools to help both homeowners and contractors. Thank you for being an agent of change in your community and beyond.”

Review from Amazon:  Remodel 411: Secrets to a Successful Remodeling Relationship (Kindle Edition)

” I’m so excited for you about this!!!! I bought it right away.”  I highly recommend Reva’s Remodel 411 to help prepare -even the smartest among us- for a successful and proud experience. It is a simple read and you will recognize your own applications of her uncomplicated wisdom in many other important areas of life. What Reva wants to do is remind us to employ this same level of common-sense when planning a renovation, an event that is emotionally challenging, no matter how well it goes.

Mental-health professionals agree that home remodeling carries a level of stress that is comparable to losing a job, going through a divorce, or moving residence.

So, treating our home remodel like it’s something any schmuck can do is self-defeating at best.

PSA, CPCC, San Francisco, CA

Could Have Saved Thousands,
-Carolyn M. Campbell, Campbell Communications – Los Angeles

“Reva walked me through the aftermath of an unfortunate situation with an unlicensed contractor. Had I known about her services before I hired the person, I would have saved myself thousands of dollars and weeks of lost time. She’s knowledgeable and fair, and I would highly recommend her to anyone considering having work done on their home.”

Didn’t Realize How Important the Bathroom “Thing” Was,
-PM, San Gabriel

“It wasn’t until I called Reva out to go over the three bids I had to remodel my kitchen and add a bathroom that I got how important it was to designate bathroom facilities for the crew.   Thank you, Reva”

An Electrician Says,

I’ve known Reva Kussmaul of Eye for Detail for over 5 years and have worked for her as her electrical sub.

She also has total clarity when it comes to organizing her jobs as well as letting her subs know exactly when they’re up and for how long.

She pays on time, every time.

Since I have my own company I’ve also had her coach me in bidding for jobs on my own.  She’s been very helpful in showing me how to not under-earn.

A Capenter/Framer Says,

I’ve worked with Reva Kussmaul of Eye for Detail off and on over the last couple of years and it amazes me how consistent she is when it comes to running her jobs and the crews.

Her payments for the work I’ve done have always been forthcoming and she’s never questioned my bid or tried to nickel and dime me on my jobs.  She certainly practices what she preaches.

She’s coached me on how to communicate with my own clients and how to present myself on bids as well.  She’s coached me over and over again to get more clarity on m numbers so I can bid more effectively on my jobs.


I’m thoroughly enjoying what I am reading. What your book offers; your content style and approach are entertaining and unique. Not to mention how sorely your book is needed!

Los Angeles

THIS BOOK IS SOOO NEEDED OUT THERE! Let’s get it out there.

JU, Monrovia, CA

I knew absolutely nothing about remodeling and do not own a home. However, when my landlord began having work done in the home I’m renting, this book was invaluable as far as what prep I needed to do to protect my space since she hired someone based on the “I can only afford this much” mentality.  Thank you Reva

SB – Los Angeles


I want more!!!! I love this !!!!
I think my contractor should read this AND hire you as his P.M.!!!

DM, Altadena, CA

This book is simply simple, basic “stuff” but it’s stuff that if you don’t know it or how to maneuver through it will cause your remodel to not go well and possibly turn into that nightmare Reva talks about.

Read it before proceeding any further.

RJ, Pasadena, CA

Bravo my friend..the book excerpt is crackling with your style and knowledge.

T A Walker, Burbank, CA

Absolutely delightful!! Clear, concise and well-written…moves forward…makes for easy reading, especially to those who are “virgins.”

Great writing!
MH, LaCanada, CA