Taking the Mystery Out of Remodeling – by Reva Kussmaul

Reva’s 7 Need-to-Knows for a Smooth Remodeling Project

Plan to get your remodeling project off on the right foot. The goal is to have an awesome experience in every aspect of your home remodel. Always look forward to a beautifully finished project that makes both you and your contractor proud.

1.  Keep the end result in mind.  The goal is to experience a remodel of your dreams and for the contractor to walk away with all monies due and referrals.

2.  Have the money & mess conversation prior to signing any contract and then have the discussion again.  Total clarity here is key!

3.  Secure a safe (clean and away from the actual remodel work) space. Talk with the project manager to secure a safe place in your home to which you can escape:

a. Seal off doorways to this safe space.

b. Turn off central air and heat while workers are sanding or drilling, etc.

c. Keep extra air filters on hand

d. Designate one entrance where deliveries can be made

e.  Make sure all bare floors and carpets are covered.

4.  Be aware of changes. Remember that construction conditions are subject to change; changes that may necessitate extra time and extra money.

5.  Keep your sense of humor.

6.  Choose to see this as an adventure.

7.  Celebrate each stage of the project.

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