Taking the Mystery Out of Remodeling – by Reva Kussmaul

Coaching for Homeowners

Homeowner Services

I take the mystery out of remodeling by bridging the gap between homeowner and contractor. I empower you through remodel coaching to provide you all the tools you need to organize, plan and remain at the helm of your project while allowing the contractor to do their job.

Tools available through personal coaching:

  • Project Goals
  • Spending Plan
  • Product & Material Selections
  • Your Responsibility in Communication
  • Job Description(s) & Contract
  • Time Schedules
  • Payment Schedules
  • Online Coaching
This is a relationship – treat it as such and know it’s a 50/50 deal!
  • Are you thinking of entering in a remodeling relationship?
  • Is your project feasible for the budget you have in mind?
  • Have you done a project in the past that went badly?
  • Are you ready for a remodeling project yet heard all the nightmare stories?
  • Maybe you have a question about something your contractor did or did not include in the proposal.

Whether you have one question or wish to receive ongoing support contact me today and see how having your own personal coach can help you avoid nightmares and costly mistakes by looking at remodeling as a relationship.

The importance of a weekly project meeting & walk-through

Because of a lack of communication skills, many contractors fail to engage their customers during production to review the quality of the project in progress.  Scheduling a weekly meeting is the key to keep all parties engaged in the job process.    These milestone inspections will help you communicate with your contractor to avoid delays and errors that cost you money, time, and emotional stress.

Project Journal – if you think it, ink it.

Get your project off ground with a project journal.  Be at the helm of your project from conception through completion.  You will be able to track walk-through meetings, revisions (change orders), estimates, scopes of work, budgets/payment due dates, schedules and much more.

Scope and Bid Review

How do you know the proposal your contractor presented meets your needs or expectations?  Is everything included?  What isn’t included that you need to know about?  I’ll review your proposals and agreements via an online meeting to identify any discrepancies or areas lacking clarity, which may constitute change orders during production.  Lack of clarity in the written contract and description of work as well as vague communication are two of the major causes of disputes between homeowners and contractors – getting it right up front avoids delays and change orders later.