Taking the Mystery Out of Remodeling – by Reva Kussmaul

Coaching for Contractors

Contractor Solutions

Sales, organization and service are the life and blood of your business. Remodel 411 coaches & mentors contractors to:

  • succeed by bidding projects properly
  • earning what you deserve
  • bring clarity to sales, marketing, finances and management styles
  • create more efficiency and production training to reduce waste of time & money in the field helping you profit on every job helping you profit from the inside .

Services and benefits include:

  • Email marketing – build brand & increase referrals
  • Production Training – why it makes sense to video your jobs for YouTube
  • Remodeling Processes & Procedures – looking at each project as a relationship so your clients refer ONLY you
  • Excellent Communication Skills Training – particularly the initial money & mess discussion which builds trust


The experience you bring to your clients and the ability to realize a profit depends on having a process in place that manages your team, subs, and clients harmoniously while being effective for all concerned.

Start increasing customer satisfaction while increasing your profits.  Lacking the methods to manage your projects leads to disgruntled customers and weak profits. Get empowered in your business today.  Start earning what you deserve while creating an experience that deserves what you earn.

On-line Coaching

Challenged by a difficult client?  Maybe you need some help developing a system of earning so you realize more profit more of the time.   Call or e-mail to schedule a date and time for us to discuss your needs and I will be glad to assist you via phone or an on-line meeting platform.

Production Management Training

Learn how to profit from the inside by investing in building an accountable, efficient, and service-oriented team.   From this you will see tangible results to your bottom line and in the referrals you receive through awesome customer reviews.  I will customize a session or sessions for you.